GDFD-5801 generator roto 用途:GDFD-5801 generator rotor impedance tester for a variety of synchronous generator rotor impedance and the characteristic curve,... 129
GDJB-1803 microcomputer 用途:GDJB-1803 microcomputer relay tester meets all field test requirements. With a standard six-phase current, six-phase output voltage at the same time, current 30A / phase, voltage 125V / phase. Six-phase current shunt up to 180A. A variety of both tra... 187
GDZO-1802 Insulation Res 用途:GDZ-1802 megger (insulation resistance tester shake table) dedicated to the laboratory or test site to do the insulation test. Just use a high-tension line and a signal line connected to the sample can be measured, automatically calculate absorption ... 179
GDBL-2801 MOA Tester 用途:GDBL-2801 MOA tester for various voltage levels of MOA detection live or power outage, which detect moisture inside the device and valve insulation aging and other dangerous defects.... 104