GDGZ-1803Cable Fault Loc 用途: GDGZ-1803 Cable Fault Locator applies high-voltage cables, underground cables, high resistance cable fault sentinel precise positioning, a metal cable fault (dead ground) pinpointing find cable path.... 140
GDGZ-1828cable fault tes 用途:GDGZ-1828 cable fault tester can measure cable break, short circuit, earth leakage and other faults... 175
GDGZ-1807multiple pulse 用途:GDGZ-1807 multi-pulse intelligent cable fault tester is used to detect a variety of power cables high impedance leakage fault, flashover failure, low resistance ground fault and a trip... 130
500 Series battery teste 用途:500 Series battery tester battery internal resistance detecting instrument... 174
GDDL-2801 capacitance an 用途:GDDL-2801 capacitance and inductance tester compensate for reactive power, capacitor combination, a set formula does not compensate for measuring stitches, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. Output current, voltage is large, prone to... 191
GDGY-8809 ultra-low freq 用途:GDGY-8809 ultra-low frequency high voltage generator for large generators, cables, and other test items were frequency voltage withstand test or leakage current test... 184
GDSD-2802 transmission l 用途:GDSD-2802 transmission line parameters tester for measuring electrical power system transmission line parameter measurement, measurement of capacitance, impedance parameters... 67
GDJD-6804 Ground Resista 用途:DJD-6804 Ground Resistance Tester for electric power, telecommunications, railways, telecommunications, mining and other sectors of various grounding resistance measuring device and measuring the resistance value of low resistance conductor; this tab... 80
GD SF6-8808 SF6 decompos 用途:GDF6-8808 decomposition tester by simultaneous detection of multiple decomposition can be detected quickly at the scene to determine the SF6 electrical equipment (circuit breakers, transformers, transformers, GIS and bushings, etc.) inside the early ... 151
GDKG-8807 high-voltage s 用途:... 167
GDBY-6803 DC Resistance 用途:GDBY-6803 DC resistance tester for measuring large-capacity three-phase transformer winding DC resistance and optimize the design can be three-phase transformer winding DC resistance test performed simultaneously. On-load tap changer may not need to ... 162
GDHG-6802 transformer ca 用途:GDHG-6802 transformer field calibrator for mutual verification, verifiable current transformers, voltage transformers.... 86